About bliss organics

Hello, I am Nina Hossain owner of Bliss Ayurveda and creator of Bliss Organics skincare. Growing up in London with Indian parents and spending time in India as a child, I lived between Eastern and Western cultures.
I started my Ayurvedic journey in 2000 when I came across a book about Ayurveda that triggered my memory. Remembering from my childhood days, how my family in India would heal our ailments by natural means. Also watching my mother, aunts & grandmothers beauty rituals was mesmerising. Oiling their long thick, shiny black hair, massaging their skin with herbal oil before bathing, face masks & natural exfoliators, revealing soft glowing skin. Using these natural gifts given to us by mother nature.
Inspired by these memories, I received inspiration for my skincare range during a meditation and set about creating bliss organics. My intention to make earth-friendly and nature intelligent products that allows people to introduce Ayurveda into their daily lives in a simple and accessible way. A way of incorporating selfcare rituals as an act of self-love.
My desire has always been to help people heal naturally and I have always had a deep fascination with nature, intrigued by its profound healing intelligence. So, I decided to dedicate myself to Ayurveda as a way of fulfilling my life’s purpose and give people the tools they need to stay balanced, healthy and happy.
The gift of Ayurveda has me taught me the natural rhythm of life, the secrets to balance, joy and mental clarity, healthy eating and beautiful skin. May it also help you on your journey towards finding your Bliss.
Find your Bliss.
Much love,