Bliss Organics_Vata_1920x1920

For dry, dehydrated skin with rose geranium, patchouli & ashwaganda.

Vata nourishing facial oil moisturises and protects dry, dehydrated skin. The Rose Geranium oil tightens and tones the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, while also balancing the nervous system and lifting the spirits.

Bliss Organics_Pitta_1920x1920

For sensitive, combination skin with sandalwood, neroli & shatavari.

Pitta balancing facial oil calms and protects sensitive, combination skin.  The Sandalwood oil has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and also helps to bring mental clarity and calm.

Bliss Organics_Kapha_1920x1920

For oily congested skin with frankincense , sweet orange & guggul.

Kapha rejuvenating facial oil invigorates and cleanses oily, congested skin. The Frankincense oil helps to tone and lift the skin as well as helping to reduce lethargy and depression.